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Our social policy is focused on supporting events and initiatives which provide various types of assistance to persons or groups in a disadvantaged or difficult position, and on promoting the career orientation and growth of young people.
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Subscription for web content translation
You want to reach new markets and new potential clients, but you don’t have time to generate content in different languages? You have a business website and want to increase the engagement of your users? You advertise online, but you aren’tsure how to approach your ads in foreign languages?

Multilingual websites and blogs
 help businesses reach new clients, be they foreigners in Bulgaria or new foreign markets.

The strong online presence of your website in search engines and social networks is extremely important for your business to expand and develop:
publications of articles and news on your blog maintain the interest of the users on your site and show that your business is trying to give them valuable and useful information;
     The active presence on social media allows your business to reach new potential clients in the platforms most frequently used by them;

     Advertising messages guarantee that your offers and proposals reach people looking for your solution to their problem.

But what happens when you generate 4 new materials per month (articles, videos, advertising banners, etc.) and you have to coordinate translations for each content created? All while you maintain your company pages on social networks, create advertising campaigns, and need to translate your messages?

Then you have several options:
  • You set aside your own time to translate all materials
  • The task is given to a person from your team who knows the target language;
  • You use a translator, negotiating the terms for each order separately.

Each of these methods may work for your business, but you are likely to encounter the following problems:
  • You should take special time to translate the texts, instead of focusing on your essential work;
  • Your employee knows the language, but is not well acquainted with the specific terminology and cultural peculiarities of the target language;
  • You waste time and it takes a lot of effort to coordinate the translation of everyarticle, post on social networks or advertising message.
Published: 25 August 2021 Hits: 44
Transcreation creative translation Bulgarian translation agency Arte.Doc
Are you planning to enter new markets? Are you going to present new products in advertising campaigns? Do you need marketing or creative translation? You aren’t sure whether to choose - transcreation or localization?

In this article we will explain what does the transcreation service entail, so you can get acquainted with the details in order to be able to make an informed decision about the service you need.

 What is transcreation (marketing translation)?

Transcreation literally means creative translation (trans - translation and creation - creating, art). In essence, this is a creative adaptation of a text or element of a work, from one language to another, taking into account specific cultural customs, jargon, local dialects, colloquial expressions and connotations.

It is important to note that although similar in type, transcreation differs from localization in that it must elicit the same response in speakers of both languages. Transcreation is neither a simple translation nor a localization of the text, it is closest to a literary translation.

That is why it is often used as a translation service for marketing creatives and campaigns, and is often called marketing translation.

Free consultation at: 0896 731 605.
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What is a translation page and how is it calculated from Bulgarian translation agency Arte.Doc
Why am I charged for multiple pages when I submitted one page for translation? What is a translation page? What does symbols/characters mean? How can I be sure that they are not dishonest about the price? How do I count the characters in a document?

If any of these questions have ever bothered you as a user of translation services, then this article will be very useful to you.

What is a "translation page"?

The term "translation page" is used when calculating translated text.

In Bulgaria, the translation standard БДС EN ISO 17100: 2015 has been adopted, according to which one translation page is 1800 characters of ready text. Characters include all punctuation marks and spaces.

This standard is accepted by everyone in the translation sector - freelance translators, editors and translation agencies.

The method of calculation is done automatically, using the Word Count function in Microsoft Word (located in the lower left corner of the screen). This option shows the number of visible pages, words, characters (no spaces) and characters (with spaces).

Free consultation at: +359 896 731 605.
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Calculator for online order for translation and legalization
Are you wondering how to make an online order for translation and/or legalization? Or how you can receive your finished translation online?

In this article we describe 3 easy steps you can follow to place your order for online translation.

Step №1: On our website, select the menu option "Online Order".
A window opens, where you can choose:
  • Type of service - translation, legalization, or translation and legalization;
  • Order type - regular, fast or express;
  • Type of the document for online translation;
  • Number of pages in the document for online translation;
  • Original language of the document;
  • Language you want the document to be translated into;
  • Method of receiving the order – from our office, by courier or online;.

After setting all the parameters, our online calculator, which you will see on the right side of the page, automatically calculates and displays the price of your order.

You make your own choices for your online translation. You can decide for how long, and respectively at what price, the online service you need will be performed.

When you have determined the option that best suits your budget and time frame, select the blue "Order" button.

Order now online translation
Published: 20 November 2020 Hits: 530
Localisation and translation - bulgarian translation agency arte.doc
What is the difference between translation and localisation? Why do you need localisation? When is language localisation necessary?

In this article we will give answers to often posed questions by our clients.

Quote from Wikipedia: “Language localisation(from English locale, where something happens or is situated) is the second stage of a more extensive process of translation and cultural adaptation of a product (for certain countries, regions or social groups), taking into account the differences between different markets. This process is known as internationalisation and localisation. Language localisation does not only cover the translation of the product, but also requires an in-depth study of the target culture in order to properly adapt the product to local needs."

What is the difference between translation and localisation?

Translation is a process by which the meaning of text or speech is transmitted from one language to another, and the translation must adhere as closely as possible to both the meaning and the form of the original text.

Translation is measurable. It is measured under BDS (Bulgarian state standard) based on a standard 1800-character page of the complete translation, with spaces, using the word count option -> Characters with spaces.

Localisation is a process of cultural adaptation of the translated texts, such as website content, software, marketing materials and product portfolios, to a specific country or region.
Published: 14 October 2020 Hits: 381
Interpreting services translation agency arte.doc
When is escort interpreting used?

Do you need foreign guests accompanied on the territory of Bulgaria? Do you need interpreting for your business meeting or visit to various work sites? Your future relatives are on from another country and for an important personal event (engagement, wedding, christening) you need a companion using a foreign language? Escort interpreting is used for these purposes. You will find more useful information in this article.

Escort interpreting is not easily framed and cannot be accurately determined. This type of interpreting changes depending on the event and the situation for which it is used.

What is escort interpreting?
Due to its informal nature, escort interpreting can be a mix of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, at some times – simultaneous (without additional technical equipment), at others – consecutive interpreting.

In fact, for this type of interpreting, the interpreter accompanies the client during various events and assists with interpreting either all the time or only when necessary.
Published: 02 September 2020 Hits: 777
Interpreting for a notary public - Translation services - Interpreting - Bulgaria - Sofia - Bulgarian translation agency Arte.doc
Almost everyone has used the services of a Notary Public - a transaction for the sale of movable or immovable property, issuance of a power of attorney and / or declaration, will, contract with or without material interest, certification of a document and more.

Everything sounds and looks easy and fast, which is largely the case if everyone involved speaks the same language. But when one of the parties is a foreigner who does not speak Bulgarian well enough or does not speak it at all, a difficulty arises.

There is wondering how to proceed, wandering, looking for additional information, interpreting attempts from an acquaintance / friend who knows a foreign language, attempts to "convince" the notary that the foreigner, party to the transaction, is familiar with all the details.
All this costs unnecessary time, nerves and often additional unnecessary costs. Notaries do not allow such circumventing of the rules, because they can incur a serious fine and bear criminal liability.

What is the interpreting service for a notary public?
In its essence, this type of interpreting is consecutive interpreting.
It is used during the conclusion of a transaction before a Notary Public, in the presence of an interpreter. The interpreter interprets bilaterally the communication between the parties to the transaction.
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interpretor_interpreting_bulgarian translation agency arte.doc
You are organizing a meeting with foreigners in attendance, like a business meeting or conference? You are meeting foreign business partners, and you need assistance? You are organizing an event with important guests who do not speak Bulgarian? You are conducting a training with a foreign lecturer on the introduction of new technologies in your production? You are signing a deal for the purchase of property with a foreigner before a Notary Public?

For these cases, as well as others, you need an interpreter.

You can often have the following problems when in need of interpreting services:
  • Confusion about the type of interpreting you need;
  • Wading through a stream of proposals from translation agencies with an inquiry form for which you need to wait for an answer and not receive information at the moment
  • Uncertainty about how to select an interpreter.
  • Lack of confidence in the selected service provider;

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Simultaneous interpreting in Bulgaria - Translation agency Arte.Doc

Simultaneous interpreting is one of the main types of interpreting; its goal is to facilitate the spoken communication between people who speak different languages.
There are several main types of interpreting:
  • simultaneous
  • consecutive
  • escort interpreting
  • interpreting for a Notary Public
For all of them it is extremely important that the interpreter is able to convey quickly and properly the meaning, tone and intent of the original message into the other language.

In this article we will give you useful information about simultaneous interpreting – what it is, when it is used and what are the criteria for the team performing it.
Published: 21 July 2020 Hits: 524
Consecutive interpreting bulgarian translation agency arte.doc
What is interpreting?

Interpreting is the facilitation of spoken communication between people who speak different languages.
The official definition of interpreting is: Rendering a spoken message into another spoken language, preserving the register and meaning of the source language

There are several types of interpreting:
   •   consecutive
   •   simultaneous
   •   escort interpreting
   •   interpreting for a Notary Public

For all of them it is extremely important that the interpreter is able to convey quickly and properly the meaning, tone and intent of the original message into the other language.

In this article, we will give you useful information about one of the main types of interpreting – consecutive interpreting.
Published: 01 July 2020 Hits: 581