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Our social policy is focused on supporting events and initiatives which provide various types of assistance to persons or groups in a disadvantaged or difficult position, and on promoting the career orientation and growth of young people.
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Устен превод с придружаване агенция за преводи Арте.Док

When is escort interpreting used?

Do you need foreign guests accompanied on the territory of Bulgaria? Do you need interpreting for your business meeting or visit to various work sites? Your future relatives are on from another country and for an important personal event (engagement, wedding, christening) you need a companion using a foreign language? Escort interpreting is used for these purposes. You will find more useful information in this article.

Escort interpreting is not easily framed and cannot be accurately determined. This type of interpreting changes depending on the event and the situation for which it is used.

What is escort interpreting?
Due to its informal nature, escort interpreting can be a mix of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, at some times – simultaneous (without additional technical equipment), at others – consecutive interpreting.

In fact, for this type of interpreting, the interpreter accompanies the client during various events and assists with interpreting either all the time or only when necessary.
Published: 02 September 2020 Hits: 216
Interpreting for a notary public - Translation services - Interpreting - Bulgaria - Sofia - Bulgarian translation agency Arte.doc

Almost everyone has used the services of a Notary Public - a transaction for the sale of movable or immovable property, issuance of a power of attorney and / or declaration, will, contract with or without material interest, certification of a document and more.

Everything sounds and looks easy and fast, which is largely the case if everyone involved speaks the same language. But when one of the parties is a foreigner who does not speak Bulgarian well enough or does not speak it at all, a difficulty arises.

There is wondering how to proceed, wandering, looking for additional information, interpreting attempts from an acquaintance / friend who knows a foreign language, attempts to "convince" the notary that the foreigner, party to the transaction, is familiar with all the details.
All this costs unnecessary time, nerves and often additional unnecessary costs. Notaries do not allow such circumventing of the rules, because they can incur a serious fine and bear criminal liability.

What is the interpreting service for a notary public?
In its essence, this type of interpreting is consecutive interpreting.
It is used during the conclusion of a transaction before a Notary Public, in the presence of an interpreter. The interpreter interprets bilaterally the communication between the parties to the transaction.
Published: 25 August 2020 Hits: 89
interpretor_interpreting_tranlation agency_bulgarian translation agency arte.doc

You are organizing a meeting with foreigners in attendance, like a business meeting or conference? You are meeting foreign business partners, and you need assistance? You are organizing an event with important guests who do not speak Bulgarian? You are conducting a training with a foreign lecturer on the introduction of new technologies in your production? You are signing a deal for the purchase of property with a foreigner before a Notary Public?

For these cases, as well as others, you need an interpreter.

You can often have the following problems when in need of interpreting services:
  • Confusion about the type of interpreting you need;
  • Wading through a stream of proposals from translation agencies with an inquiry form for which you need to wait for an answer and not receive information at the moment
  • Uncertainty about how to select an interpreter.
  • Lack of confidence in the selected service provider;

Published: 13 August 2020 Hits: 265
Simultaneous interpreting in Bulgaria - Translation agency Arte.Doc

Simultaneous interpreting is one of the main types of interpreting; its goal is to facilitate the spoken communication between people who speak different languages.
There are several main types of interpreting:
  • simultaneous
  • consecutive
  • escort interpreting
  • interpreting for a Notary Public
For all of them it is extremely important that the interpreter is able to convey quickly and properly the meaning, tone and intent of the original message into the other language.

In this article we will give you useful information about simultaneous interpreting – what it is, when it is used and what are the criteria for the team performing it.
Published: 21 July 2020 Hits: 156
Consecutive interpreting bulgarian translation agency arte.doc
What is interpreting?

Interpreting is the facilitation of spoken communication between people who speak different languages.
The official definition of interpreting is: Rendering a spoken message into another spoken language, preserving the register and meaning of the source language

There are several types of interpreting:
   •   consecutive
   •   simultaneous
   •   escort interpreting
   •   interpreting for a Notary Public

For all of them it is extremely important that the interpreter is able to convey quickly and properly the meaning, tone and intent of the original message into the other language.

In this article, we will give you useful information about one of the main types of interpreting – consecutive interpreting.
Published: 01 July 2020 Hits: 214
Translation and legalization of birth certificate in Bulgaria - translation agency Arte.Doc

If you need a birth record/certificate issued abroad to be recognized by the institutions of the Republic of Bulgaria, here is what you need to do:

Where do you need to submit the document?

After the birth of the child and the issue of a foreign birth record/certificate, Bulgarian citizens must submit the legalized and translated document to the respective Bulgarian municipal administration.

It is important to know the following specifics of the legalization process:

The process of legalizing а birth record/certificate depends on the issuing country:
Published: 29 April 2020 Hits: 456
Translation and legalization of a contract in Bulgaria - Translation agency Arte.Doc

An employment contract is the most commonly used contract for individual employment relationship between employer and employee. A statement of earnings is evidence of earnings received under such a contract and is issued by the employer.
If you require translation of your employment contract or statement of earnings due to the current emergency, in this article we provide the necessary information.

What is a legitimate employment contract?

To be considered valid according to the Labour Code, an employment contract should contain information about the parties and should also set out:
Published: 15 April 2020 Hits: 346
Notary Publics on duti in Bulgaria during Covid-19 - Translation agency Arte.Doc

In thе state of emergency, declared in Bulgaria, though most people stay at home, sometimes one may have an urgent need for a notarized document, as documents for powers of attorney and declarations, or for finalizing a deal when purchasing a car or property, carrying out of a will, etc. In that case, it is necessary to visit a Notary Public.

The Notary Chamber of the Republic of Bulgaria immediately responded to the needs of the citizens and created an organization to provide Notaries on duty in all judicial districts. The list of all Notary offices on duty and their contact details can be found here.

Why is this so?
Published: 11 April 2020 Hits: 578
These days many people are worried about attending events, going to public places, institutions and offices because of the risk of possible infection with COVID-19. To reduce risk, many companies allow people to work from home when possible. But, everyone has tasks and responsibilities that cannot be postponed, regardless of the situation.

Sometimes, these tasks involve translation and/or legalization of documents.

In such situations, given the concerns mentioned above, there is an increased risk of delays in translations, late submission of documents and missing deadlines, relevatn to your particula job. Many ministries, for example, have time frames for document legalization between 5 to 10 business days. Additional delay in receiving the translated documents actually increases the problem and automatically results in missing deadline for applying to universities, registering for civil marriage, participation in tenders, and penalties for not fullfilling contract requirements.

If you want to eliminate this risk, you should look for the option of all this to happen online.
The solution to this problem is to use a translation agency that offers the following 3 steps:
Published: 13 March 2020 Hits: 647