What is specialised technical translation What is a specialised technical or scientific translation?

The translation of technical and scientific texts is a highly specialized type of translation, due to the specific terminology used and the complexity of this type of texts.

The most important thing in this type of translation is the quality—the precise and correct transmission of terms, as each terminological expression in technical and scientific translations has a specific meaning, which must be conveyed absolutely accurately.

This is a specific field of translation that requires from the translator, in addition to rich linguistic knowledge, experience in the translation process. The translator must be well acquainted with the terminology used in the industry, understand the content of the text, and know both languages at an extremely high level.

Technical and scientific translations concern a specific field, and the style of translation is different from that used in translations addressed to the general public.

When is it needed When is the translation of technical and scientific texts needed?

Technical and scientific translations are used in the following branches:
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Engineering science
  • Railway transport
  • Automation and robotics
  • Automotive technology
  • Energy technologies
  • Aviation
  • Mechanics
  • Agriculture
Technical documents such as instructions, specifications, patents, manuals, practical instructions, reports, trade negotiations between specialists in the technical industry, system descriptions, scientific developments, etc. are often translated.

Technical translations may also be required for training of personnel using a new machine or studying the entire process of implemented equipment.

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What is important What is important in technical and scientific translation?

Apart from quality and accurate transmission of meaning, the consistency of terminology is one of the most important elements in this type of specialized translation.

Consistency in the world of translation means that a technical term specific to a particular company, field, machine, etc., must always be translated in the same way. This is especially important, for example, when translating patents, company technical instructions and manuals.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have built rich terminological databases for various technical and scientific branches. And for each of our partners and long-term clients in the technical field, we have created specialized vocabulary resources that ensure the use of terms specific for them.

In addition to terminological databases, for guaranteed high quality translation, technical and scientific translations should always be reviewed by an editor, an expert in the field. We call this the "OK" method (Quality Assessment) and it is part of our ARTE 5E system Guaranteed Quality Translation.

Deadlines for technical translation In what timeframes are scientific and technical translations performed?

There are three main types of orders for the translation of technical and scientific documentation:
  • Standard order
  • Quick order
  • Express order

The standard and quick order for text-based up to 5 translation pages, which are translated in 48 or 24 hours, respectively.
The express order is a translation of 2 pages of technical text for up to 2 astronomical hours. For express orders a prior confirmation from our representative for our ability to perform is needed.

Price by translation page What are the prices of specialised technical and scientific translations?

According to ISO standards, translations are charged on the number of translation pages (1 page = 1,800 characters with spaces and punctuation). Characters are counted on based on the finished translation, not on the basis of the source text.

Our pricing is always clear and transparent. You can find the prices for technical translations in the 5 groups of languages in our Price List here.

For our corporate clients and partners, we offer a contract that guarantees special lower prices for translation of technical and scientific documentation.

Why trust us Why trust us?

For the last more than 21 years, we have extensive experience with all kinds of technical and scientific texts in various specific branches.

We also have built systems and work processes that guarantee the provision of high-quality service:

  • We have developed and implemented a special ARTE 5Е system Guaranteed Quality Translation, consisting of 5 important elements that we apply to each translation project.
  • We are certified according to European standard БДС EN 17100:2015-05 for translation services. All orders are executed according to the established European requirements and processes.
  • Professional qualified translators — our translators have experience, language skills and expertise, specialists in various fields of technical and scientific activities.
  • Strict observance of the agreed deadlines — each new project is registered under a unique number in our company software Arte Manager and is managed by a specific project manager who coordinates the client—translator—editor—client process.
  • Confidentiality of information — each member of our team is familiar with the European requirements for information security and has signed a declaration of confidentiality.

Free consultation by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How do we select the most appropriate team of technical  translators?

All our translators go through step-by-step approval process:
  • The first stage is based on documents—diplomas, certificates, etc.; certifying completed education and/or acquired professional qualification.
  • The second stage is a trial translation that tests the candidate's language skills.
  • The third stage is a trial translation, testing the expertise of the candidate in the technical and scientific field.
Each translator is registered in our ERP system with the indicated language combination and their technical/scientific specialization. This reduces the time to select the right translator for each specific translation project and guarantees you a high-quality, professional technical and scientific translation.

Proofreading Proofreading of technical texts

In addition to quality translation and editing of technical/scientific texts, we can provide you with a proofreading service.

It consists of a review and subsequent reading of the text by a specialist in the field, native to the target language (i.e., the language to which the translation is performed is his/her mother tongue).

We also offer this service to already translated texts, in order to ensure that even the smallest detail of your technical documentation is conveyed in 
the best way to your target audience.

If you are in need of translation and legalisation of technical and scientific texts, documents or other, you can contact us for a free consultation by phone: +359 896 731 605 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will assist you in your specific case.

You can find out translation prices 

You can place an online translation order using our 
online calculator

   Frequently Asked Questions

How can you contact us?
You can contact us at the following phone numbers and email addresses:
  • Vitosha office +359 893 457 698, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Online orders +359 897 070 485,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How to get a price offer?
You can send an inquiry through our form or send information about your case to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and you will receive an offer shortly.

Where can you find us?
We have two offices in Sofia and many partner offices in the country. You can find the addresses of the offices and their working hours on our Contacts page.

What services do we offer?
We offer translation services, such as translation, interpreting, specialized translation, editing, proofreading, website translation, subtitle translation and more. You can find all our services in our Services and Prices section.

What languages do we translate into?
We translate from and into 36 languages and in over 100 language combinations. We can translate your documents into all European languages, as well as many Eastern and exotic languages. Read more in our article Which languages do we translate into

What is the procedure for sending and receiving translations?
When placing an online translation order, you can send us your scanned documents and you can receive the ready translation scanned as well. If you need a physical copy of the translation, you can pick it up from the office or have it sent to you by courier.

For legalization we need to receive the originals of the documents—you can deliver them to us in person at the office or by courier.

Which courier companies do we work with?
We work with various established courier companies to ensure secure delivery to our clients. At your choice we can send your translations with ECONT, Speedy, DHL, UPS, and others.

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