Translation and Legalization Agency Arte.doc offers adaptation of software products and websites to the specifics of various languages and cultures, in order to tailor these products to the specific geographical regions and the needs of the respective users. As people across the world use diversified writing and metric systems, when entering new markets it is essential that the offered products should be customized to the local reality in the best possible manner. When these products are localized, the users can learn how to use them easily and quickly. This undoubtedly improves the users’ confidence and increases the number of clients using them.
The localization process includes translating the product into the desired language and its adaptation to the culture, the standards, the technical and other symbols, the measuring units, the digits, the calendar and the abbreviations which are characteristic of the locale, strictly taking into account the requirements and the needs of the relevant market, which the products are targeted for. Localization is used mainly at the translation of software products, web-based applications and websites.

Localization facilitates and accelerates the conquering of market shares and the expansion of activities on new markets, as the users deal with the products in their native language, with symbols, abbreviations, measurements units they are familiar with. They almost always would prefer an “understandable and trustworthy product”, which can be used in a familiar manner, to a product which is in a foreign language, with a different metric system and symbols and so on.
We offer localization services of exceptional quality, at competitive prices and with turnover times which surpass your expectations. Trusting the extensive experience of our specialists, you can be certain about each aspect of the implementation and be sure that the localization performed by us is another step of your successful business!

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Our social policy is focused on supporting events and initiatives which provide various types of assistance to persons or groups in a disadvantaged or difficult position, and on promoting the career orientation and growth of young people.
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