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Кога е нужен специализиран превод? When is a specialised translation needed?

specialised translations are translations of texts in a specialised field concerning specific terminology.

There are several main types of specialised translations, and they are:

Specialised translations 
require from the translator not only very high language skills, but also experience and expertise in the field. Accurate translation of specific phrases and terms is of crucial importance for the correct understanding of the text by the target audience.

For example, for guaranteed high quality when translating specialised legal documentation, we work with translators lawyers.

Following a specific system of steps, deep knowledge of the topic and discipline in compliance with the specific requirements of the client lead to the desired result—achieving a clear and accurate transmission of the text in the source language in the specific field and client satisfaction

Free consultation by phone: +359 896 731 605.

За какъв срок се извършва специализиран превод What are the deadlines for specializes translation?

For translation of specialised documentation, there are three main types of orders:
  • Standard order
  • Fast order
  • Express order

According to БДС EN ISO 17100, the standard and fast order include a subsequent review of the text by an editor,  which guarantees compliance with and consistency of the terminology specific to your field and business, as well as the absence of omissions and errors.

In the express order of text over 1 translation page, due to the short period of just two hours for completion, it is not possible to include an editor

Колко струва специализирания превод  What are the prices for specialised translations?

According to БДС EN ISO 17100:2015-05, translations are calculated and charged per number of translation pages. A standard page is equal to 1'800 characters (with spaces and all symbols), regardless of the type of text or type of document. Characters are calculated based on ready translated text, not on source text.

Our company policy is for our pricing to be clear and transparent. Therefore, all prices for different types of specialised translations you can find in 
our Price List here.

For our business clients, we offer the opportunity to work under contract and negotiate exclusive prices for translation of specialised documentation. Also, for large volume translations, you will receive a discount on the price per page.

Free consultation by phone: +359 896 731 605.

Защо да се доверите на преводи Арте.Док Why trust us?

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have built terminological databases for each of the above-mentioned fields. And for our partners and long-term clients, we build our own terminology databases and vocabulary resources to meet their requirements.

Thus, the combination of an expert translator and a specialised terminology base guarantees the delivery of translations at a high level.

Also, we can offer you the service of proofreading—a review and subsequent reading of the translation by a specialist in the field, native to the target language (i.e. translator with mother tongue). This way you can be sure that even the smallest detail of your specialised documentation will be transmitted in the best way to your target audience.

In order to guarantee your peace of mind and the provision of always high-quality translations, we have developed and implemented our special ARTE 5E system Guaranteed Quality Translation.

It consists of 5 elements that are simultaneously applied to each project for specialised translation:
  • Selection of a team of language translators and editors
  • Rich terminological databases
  • Use of technological solutions for high-volume translations
  • Application of the Quality Control method
  • Unique number for every translation project put in our ERP system in order to track deadlines and maintain confidentiality

Как избираме преводачите ниHow do we select a team of translators performing specialised translations?

All our translators performing specialised translations go through a step-by-step approval process:
  • Stage One is based on documents—diplomas, certificates, etc., certifying completed education and/or acquired professional qualification.
  • Stage Two is a practical test (verification of their skills and experience through test translations for language assessment), performed by our editors.
  • Stage Three is a practical test (verification of skills and experience through test translations), performed by consultant editors, specialists in the specific field.
This process reduces the time to select the suitable translator for each specific translation project and guarantees you a high-quality, professional translation.

If you need a specialised translation, you can contact us by phone: +359 896 731 605or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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