Subscription for web content translation
You want to reach new markets and new potential clients, but you don’t have time to generate content in different languages? You have a business website and want to increase the engagement of your users? You advertise online, but you aren’tsure how to approach your ads in foreign languages?

Multilingual websites and blogs
 help businesses reach new clients, be they foreigners in Bulgaria or new foreign markets.

The strong online presence of your website in search engines and social networks is extremely important for your business to expand and develop:
publications of articles and news on your blog maintain the interest of the users on your site and show that your business is trying to give them valuable and useful information;
     The active presence on social media allows your business to reach new potential clients in the platforms most frequently used by them;

     Advertising messages guarantee that your offers and proposals reach people looking for your solution to their problem.

But what happens when you generate 4 new materials per month (articles, videos, advertising banners, etc.) and you have to coordinate translations for each content created? All while you maintain your company pages on social networks, create advertising campaigns, and need to translate your messages?

Then you have several options:
  • You set aside your own time to translate all materials
  • The task is given to a person from your team who knows the target language;
  • You use a translator, negotiating the terms for each order separately.

Each of these methods may work for your business, but you are likely to encounter the following problems:
  • You should take special time to translate the texts, instead of focusing on your essential work;
  • Your employee knows the language, but is not well acquainted with the specific terminology and cultural peculiarities of the target language;
  • You waste time and it takes a lot of effort to coordinate the translation of everyarticle, post on social networks or advertising message.

It is important that the translator is familiar with your field of business so that they can translate the information about your products or services most accurately and correctly and be able to convey your messages in the right way. The translation of advertisements is a specific type of translation, in which it is crucial that the text is not simply translated word for word, but that the message and emotion are correctly conveyed in the target language. Read more about this service in our article on Transcreation.

At the same time, meeting the deadlines for your blog calendar and advertising campaigns is extremely important. Any delay leads to a shift in the calendar, violation of the advertising plan and possible negatives for your sales.

The solution of all these problems is provided by our Subscription for translation of periodic web content.

This is a monthly subscription service that consists of translation of the textual content you create for your website, social media profiles, and advertising campaigns. The translations will be fully compliant with your posting plan.
This will allow you to plan your publications in foreign languages as well, save time searching for freelance translator, achieve uniformity of your messages and last but not least reduce your budget.

What services does the Subscription for translation of periodic web content?

The subscription plans include translation of the following types of content:

Subscription for translation of web content - blog articles, social media posts, advertising messages

The minimum turnaround time for each translation is 24 hours.

We offer three main Subscription Plans — Basic, Premium and Optimum, depending on the amount of content you create per month.
Your plan can be customized according to your specific needs and desires.

Additionally, you can also choose:

Additional service for web content translation - translation of video and of ad banners

The advantages of choosing Subscription for translation of periodic web content from arte.doc:

  • Quick and easy process – after the initial clarification of your wants and needs, we work on the translation of your prepared plan, without wasting your valuable time;
  • Respect of deadlines – thanks to our specialized Arte-Manager software, which tracks every stage of your order, we guarantee that you will never lag behind your blog plan or have to delay your advertising campaigns;
  • Guaranteed quality translations – the first element of our ARTE 5E system is choosing the right translation team for your needs. Your translations will be performed by specialists, experts in marketing translations;
  • Terminological databasesfor every type of business, gained thanks to our 21 years of experience in translation services;
  • Flexibility – you can choose between our three main Subscription Plans—Basic, Premium and Optimum, depending on your needs and budget. Each of these plans can be adapted and supplemented to best suit your desires.

If you want your advertising messages, articles and posts to reach different markets at the same time, contact us for a short introductory conversation by phone: +359 896 731 605 ot by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
At the meeting we will get acquainted with your specific case and we will offer the most suitable possible solutions for your business.

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