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Social and environmental policy

Our social policy is focused on supporting events and initiatives which provide various types of assistance to persons or groups in a disadvantaged or difficult position, and on promoting the career orientation and growth of young people.
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In January, any client who makes an order in one of our offices will receive a gift - a pyramide calendar or a ruler bookmarker calendar for 2021!

Check out our office locations here.

Calendars for 2021 from translation agency Arte.Doc
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Discount for online order for translation from bulgarian translation agency arte.doc
Quality translations always meeting the deadline and the confidentiality requirements!

Do you need to translate important personal or company documents? Do you want to send and receive your documents in the most convenient way for you? Do you want quality translation without wasting time?

All this can happen even during the ongoing pandemic, because we work to ensure the safety of our customers.

In January, get 10% discount on all online orders for translation.
This saves you time and reduces the chances of high-risk contacts.

We have created a unique mobile version of our online calculator for translation and/or legalization, in order to satisfy the wishes of our customers to place their orders from mobile devices or tablets.

With our system of 3 safe steps for online orders you can:
     1.   Submit your document for translation and legalization online;
     2.   Calculate the price with the discount and make a secure payment;
     3.   Receive your documents in the most convenient way for you.
Order now - online translation and legalization
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Dear friends and partners, 

We wish you good health, a cozy Christmas, and lots of light in your homes and hearts.
We wish you Happy New Year 2021!
And let's believe that the best is yet to come for each and every one of us!

The arte.doc team

Happy holidays from translation agency arte.doc
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Holiday opening hours in December 2020 bulgarian translation agency Arte.Doc
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Online order for translation bulgarian translation agency Arte.Doc

Dear clients,

we are very excited to share some great news with you - our calculator for online orders for translation and/or legalization is now available in English!

Our calculator allows you to check the price for your specific document, see the time frame for its execution and decide on the best option for your budget.

Through the calculator, you can place your orders for translation and/or legalization of your documents, make a secure payment, and choose the most convenient way for you to receive your translated documents - via email, in our offices, or delivered to your address.

Forthermore, the calculator is accessible through all types of devices - computer, tablet and phone!

Placing an order for transation has never been easier!
You can place your order through our calculator here.
Order nowIf you have any questions, you can contact us in our online chat here, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at +359 897 070 485.
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Експерт от офис Витошка на Агенция за превод и легализация

Kalina is an established expert at Arte.doc Translation Agency.

She is a caring mother of a young child and manages to combine perfectly
her job with motherhood.
We are proud to have such a knowledgeable and motivated employee, prepared for every case our clients may bring to her.
You can currently find her in Sofia,
87 Aleksandar Stamboliyski Blvd.

„What I don't do for my clients?“
In this article we will give you the answers to this question from our expert Kalina from the Stamboliyski office.

My name is Kalina Filipova and I have been part of the team of Arte.doc Translation Agency for 5 years. I have worked in the Corporate Clients Department, as well as in the Retail Clients Department. The personal fulfilment from my job is equally strong in both departments, because I receive feedback and gratitude for a resolved case / problem of our clients.

1. I would not mislead the client with inaccurate information, only to take their order at any cost, knowing that the client will be ultimately disappointed. If we can’t do it, I don’t take it. It is best for both parties not to waste their time.

2. I don’t take an order, which we can’t do within the client’s required deadline. For example, an express translation for 10 minutes, or 50 pages from Turkish to Arabic for the next day. I am always sincere with our clients because I feel responsible to resolve their issue, related to our business – translation and/or legalization of documents.

3. I don’t neglect the client’s need to receive detailed information before submitting their order. I explain fully, in detail and I deliver current information. There are new regulations being adopted right now for a variety of documents and clients are not obligated to know all of them. This is why our company offers a free consultation.

4. I don’t divide my clients into small (a 1/2 page order) or large (over 50/100 page order) – all clients receive the same service. For my professional satisfaction, it is important that the clients come back to me, meaning that I have won their trust.

5. I don’t abuse the clients’ trust:
     •    Trust in prices – I don’t set prices “at sight”. The company pricelist for translation and legalization services is set in advance and available for everyone. You can find the pricelist on our website, as well as in every office.
     •    Estimating the volume – When initially taking the documents, I try to determine the approximate volume, thus the total cost, as closely as possible. One standard page amounts to 1800 characters of the complete translation. Everyone can check with the function Word Count (with spaces)
     •    Quality – I select the most suitable translator, according to the language and terminology, and the type of the documents.

The most common misconception encountered when working with clients?
A shared example for Kalina’s everyday experience:

„From my experience in Arte.doc Translation Agency, I have found out that most people have misconceptions about the legalization service – they believe that it is performed in our office, on the spot.
The legalization procedure is carried out by a government institution – the Ministry of Justice, the Consular Relations Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the National Centre for Information and Documentation (NACID). Documents issued abroad are legalized by a notary public.
The procedure takes several days (between 2 and 14 business days). The duration depends on the type of document.
I definitely experience positive feelings when I send for legalization a birth certificate issued abroad or a diploma for completed education from another country of our fellow citizens. Through my work I have a feeling that I contribute to the registration of more Bulgarian citizens and I am glad that the exchange of foreign experience and the application of good practices by young people is increasing."

If you have an issue to be resolved, related to translation and / or legalization of documents, you can contact me for a free consultation at +359 897 070 487 or come to our office at 87 Aleksandar Stamboliyski Blvd., 1st floor.

                                                           We won’t mislead you!

More information about translation and legalization cases is available in our blog of useful articles here.
* You can read reviews from clients here.
* If you want to receive always current and useful information and special offers directly, please subscribe to our e-mail newsletter here.
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The Greek government has determined how the country will welcome travellers to Greece from July 1, 2020 and how it will perform the necessary diagnostic examination, aiming to keep everyone safe throughout the summer season.

The Passenger Location Form (PLF) is a key element in achieving this goal.
The form is filled out online and can be found here -

All passengers are required to complete the PLF at least 48 hours before entering the country, providing detailed information on the following specifics:

• Way of entering Greece - by land, air or water;
• Indication of the point of entry into Greece
• Personal data - names, phone numbers - mobile / business / home, ID card number, email;
• Place of residence in Greece - exact address;
• Duration of previous stay in other countries;
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Opening hours 24th of May Arte.Doc
Published: 21 May 2020 Hits: 329
During the month of May, our agency gives you one free page of translation from german to bulgarian or translation from bulgarian to german, when you make an order for legalization.

Our mission is to find the best translator for your needs.

Online order and payment, free consultation by phone at +359 893 45 76 98 or on our online chat here.

Offer valid from 01.05.2020 until 31.05.2020.
For more information about the offer, contact us by phone, email or our online chat.

Offer May 2020
Published: 03 May 2020 Hits: 343