What is a specialised legal translation?

Legal translation is the translation of legal / law texts. It is a specialised type of translation, as in addition to a high level of general linguistic competence,  it requires knowledge of specific legal terminology.

The translation of legal documents differs from other types of translations by the need for knowledge of the specifics of the legal systems in at least two different countries — the one from which the document was issued and the one for which the translation is intended. This is necessary because each legal system has its own terminology.

When is a legal translation needed?

Legal translation may be needed by both companies and individuals.

Some of the most frequently translated legal texts are:
  • By-laws
  • Contracts and annexes—company/commercial, credit, for purchase and sale, for rent, etc.
  • Notarial deeds, contracts for purchase and sale of movable and immovable property
  • Judicial decisions
  • Agreements
  • Laws, regulations
  • Documents for and from court
  • European directives
  • Tender documentation
  • Business and commercial-legal correspondence
  • Applications, complaints, testimonies, and others.
Regardless of what creates the need to translate these documents and whether they are personal or corporate, it is important that the translation is done by qualified translators with either legal education or many years of experience in translating legal documents.

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What is important when translating important legal documents?

Following a specific system of steps, having deep knowledge of the terminology and discipline subject to complying with the specific requirements of the client are all extremely important for legal translations.

The main distinguishing feature of legal translation is its highly specialised vocabulary, which requires the translator to have excellent knowledge of legal terminology. Knowledge of legal systems in both the source and target languages is needed. Therefore, for guaranteed high quality when translating specialised legal documentation, we work with translators-lawyers.

Another characteristic feature of legal translation is the burden it carries. The translator must understand the responsibility he bears through their choise of words and through conveying the legal meaning of the document.

It is necessary to observe an extremely high degree of confidentiality of the information provided, due to the content of sensitive data in legal documents, both personal and company.

Adherence to the agreed deadlines for legal translation is extremely important. Most legal documents require submission to judicial or state institutions, where it is mandatory to meet the deadline, for after that they would be invalid and useless.

Due to the diversity of the legal field, it is necessary for the translator to be a specialist.

Meaning, to be profiled in the relevant legal terminology, such as:
  • International law
  • Corporate law
  • Civil law
  • Criminal law
  • Tax and accounting law
  • Insurance law
  • Patent law
  • European Union law and others

How much does it cost and how long does it take to translate legal texts?

As with the other types of specialised translations, the translation of legal texts and documents can be done in three timeframes: standard order (slow), fast order and express order.

You can find the prices for legal translations in our price list, both uploaded on our website 
here, as well as present in all our offices.

Why trust us?

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have built terminological databases for various legal areas. We provide our partners with the opportunity to build individual terminological and vocabulary resources to meet their specific requirements.

Thus, the combination of choosing the most appropriate expert translator and specialised or personalised terminology base ensures the delivery of high-quality translations. These are two of the main elements of our own developed 
ARTE 5E system Guaranteed Quality Translation.

Since 2007, we have been one of the main providers of translation services for legal documents from and into Bulgarian of the European Commission and the European Parliament. We have achieved this by following the developed processes for translator selection, quality control, translation process management, editing, etc.

From 2020, in addition to our certificates ISO 9001 and БДС ISO 17100:2005—standards for the provision of translation services and quality control; for translations in the legal field we follow the procedures of standard ISO 20771:2020. The standard sets strict requirements for the qualifications and knowledge of translators and editors working with legal documents, as well as for the management of the processes and resources to be used by them and the translation agency.
Compliance with the conditions set out in ISO 20771:2020 ensures the correct selection of translators - experts with extensive experience and terminological knowledge, who are guaranteed to provide high quality legal translations.

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How do we select a team of translators for legal documents?

All our translators performing legal/law translations go through a multi-stage approval process:
  • The first stage is based on documents—diplomas, certificates, etc.; certifying completed education and acquired legal professional qualification.
  • The second stage is a practical test—test translations for language assessment, performed by our editors.
  • The third stage is a second practical test—test translations for legal language competence, performed by consultant editors, specialists in a specific legal field.
This process reduces the time necessary to select the right translator for each specific project and ensures high-quality translation of legal documents.

If you are in need of translation and legalisation of legal documents, contracts, notarial deeds, etc., you can contact us for a free consultation by phone: +359 896 731 605 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will assist you in your specific case.

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