БОППХ и агенция за преводи Арте.ДокThe Association ‘Bulgarian Society of Patients with Pulmonary Hypertension’ (BSPPH) is an organization that fully understands the challenges faced by patients affected by this rare disease and their loved ones. That is why we strive to encourage contacts and empathy between patients, as well as their adaptation to their changed lifestyle. We also help disseminate scientific information about the disease, often using people’s experience.

We have trusted for years the services of ARTE.DOC, especially in the translation of medical information of patients affected by pulmonary hypertension who seek access to therapy or a second opinion from leading centers of expertise in Europe. We usually submit the texts for translation from English or German to Bulgarian and vice versa, because ARTE.DOC has expertstranslators not only with language qualification, but also with competence in medical topics. They also respond extremely quickly to our request and meet the agreed deadline.

Written by Natalia Maeva - Chairman / 15.02.2022
Недвижими имоти ШИК и агенция за преводи Арте.ДокOur real estate company has been operating in Bulgaria since 2001, assisting in the sale-trade, construction, rental of real estate, as well as carrying out activities similar to those listed.

We need translations of land sketches of property, tax statements and sales contracts in connection with the communication with our parent company in Austria. We often send sketches in PDF to the Arte.Doc agency and receive them translated into the language and format requested by us.

We use the language translation services of Arte.Doc agency because they meet our quality requirements to the greatest extent.

Written by Borislava Kostova Zaib - CEO / 09.02.2022
Оптима Си ЕООД и агенция за преводи Арте.ДокWe are "Optima-Si" Occupational Medicine Service with many years of experience in the field of health and safety at work. In addition to professionalism, our specialists have the capacity to ensure a real presence in the serviced sites whenever necessary, thus guaranteeing the quality of the work performed.
We offer employers services such as: Occupational Medicine Service; Measurements of the factors of the working environment and of the electrical installations and equipment up to 1,000 V; Preventive medical examinations; Carrying out trainings on Healthy and Safe Working Conditions; Installation, repair and technical supervision of Facilities with Increased Danger.

We submit our offers to foreign clients for Bulgarian-to-English translation to ARTE.DOC, because they work on a proven system Guaranteed Quality Translation, respond quickly to our request and meet the agreed deadline.
The scope of our activity covers the requirements of normative documents, which requires us to be extremely careful when choosing suppliers.
Written by Rumyana Samuneva - "Optima-Si"/01.02.2022
Евролукс-99 и агенция за преводи Арте.ДокOur company Eurolux-99 is a company with a long history in the field of trade in household appliances at competitive prices. We offer the brands Cecotec, Heinner, HAIER, AKAI, Muse, ZILAN, ECG, Gorenje, Liebherr, Samsung, LG, Midea, Daikin, Fuji Electrik and many others.

We mainly translate safety instructions and instructions for working with individual devices so that they can be understood by our users on the Bulgarian market.

We use the language translation services of Arte.Doc Agency, because it meets our requirements for flexibility to the greatest extent and is always able to take over and deliver the translation within the agreed upon time.

In the future we will keep working with them as a reliable partner to achieve higher business goals.
Written by Eurolux-99 LTD / 11.01.2022
Агроланд България и агенция за преводи Арте.ДокWe are one of the leading companies on the market for agriculture, forestry and landscape maintenance tools for both professionals and home users in Bulgaria. We are the Bulgarian representatives of a number of brands such as Husqvarna, Gardena, McCulloch, UNIVERSAL, FLYMO, PARTNER and others.

We are partners with Translation agency arte.doc because they save us time and effort for our actual work.
The use of the terminological database created by them in the field of agriculture, mechanization (forest and garden machines and saws) for gardening and logging helps us as thanks to it, we pay a lower price for our translation orders.

With their 21 years of experience, arte.doc have established themselves as professionals we can trust, because their translation services are always of high quality and they always meet the agreed upon deadline. 
We recommend Translation agency arte.doc to other business partners as well, as a trusted provider of translation services.
Written by Agroland Bulgaria / 13.07.2021
ЕСХА България и агенция за преводи Арте.ДокESHA Bulgaria Ltd. is a subsidiary of Alfa Alfa Energy S.A. - Greece.

On the Bulgarian market, our company offers a wide range of bituminous, petroleum and other chemical products designed for waterproofing, thermal insulation and protection of equipment in civil engineering and road construction works, under the trademark ESHA TM.

Translation agency arte.doc saves us expenses, because thanks to our long-term cooperation, the previously performed translations of our company documents are stored in their database and as such for the same type of content to be translated we are given a discount.

Based on procedures, adopted by the agency to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive company information, arte.doc guarantees the security, which is important for our international activities.

We recommend a partnership with Translation agency arte.doc, because of the quality translation service they provide, of always meeting the agreed upon deadline of the projects and maintaining the confidentiality of the information.

Written by Silviya Russeva / 01.07.2021
Kinstellar lawyer firm and bulgarian translation agecy artedocWe act as a trusted legal advisor to leading investors in developing Europe and Central Asia. We provide consistent, unified legal advice and assistance in different regional markets - along with know-how and experience to protect our clients' interests while minimizing their risk exposure.

We needed an express specialized translation from English into Bulgarian of 200 pages of legal documentation for a short period of time.

We used the services of Arte.Doc Translation Agency, as proven translation professionals, dealing with similar tasks / volumes in the agreed upon time frame while maintaining the confidentiality of the information provided.

Despite the current dynamic situation for world businesses, guaranteeing quality service has been of great importance to us, as it maintains our reputation as a leading law firm.

The established trust that Arte.Doc is next to us and with us is important for our fruitful cooperation, as well as for our development.
Written by Kinstellar Law Firm / 28.01.2021
Trend research center and Bulgarian translation agency Arte.Doc"Trend" is one of the leading independent sociological agencies on the Bulgarian market.
We have used written translations from Bulgarian to English and from English to Bulgarian multiple times in our work. Our goal has always been to provide our clients with a professional translation.

For this service, we turned to Translation agency Arte.Doc, as an agency with experience in specialized translations in our business field.

We received quality translations, on time, and most importantly with guaranteed security of the information provided.

We are satisfied with out partnership with the Arte.Doc translation agency and we rely on their professionals for various translations related to our field - marketing research, demoscopic and social research.

We highly recommend Translation agency Arte.Doc for the professionalism and high quality that they provide to us as their client.
Written by Trend Research Center Ltd. / 01.12.2020
Technical translation and localisation - recommendation from SRT for Bulgarian translation agency Arte.DocWe are SR Technologies (SRT) Ltd., a company specializing in the design, production and management of high-tech solutions aimed at reducing the negative anthropogenic impact on the environment.

We have been using Arte.Doc's translation services for several years. Due to the established terminological database we are satisfied with the quality translations related to our patented innovative systems, with which we achieve prevention of pollution of water, soil and air as a result of the generation of household waste.

We needed a translation from Italian into Bulgarian, related to the preparation of a standpoint by our lawyers on a case related to an international institution.

In addition to the translation, the localization of the text was essential for us so that the elements, specific to the given country, could be adapted to the local peculiarities in terms of the technical parameters.

We will continue our partnership with Arte.Doc translation agency in the future.
Written by Anton Pavlov / 10.09.2020
Law firm Dr Reshke and translation agency arte.docOn July 30, 2020, the law firm "Dr. Reshke" organized a work meeting related to the "Mobility Package", in order to review and analyze the changes voted by the European Parliament in the transport industry. Foreign speakers from Germany and Poland took part in the meeting. The talks and some of the discussions were conducted in German. "Dr. Reshke" Law Firm once again entrusted the translation work to the Arte.Doc Agency, because for us as lawyers and organizers of the event, it was extremely important that the provided translator has impeccable knowledge of the legal terminology related to the topic.

The translation and communication in German with the invited lecturers was extremely professional, for which we would like to express our enormous gratitude to the Translation Agency Arte.Doc.

Due to the great interest in the topic we are planning a new work meeting, in which we will again use the interpretation services of "Arte.Doc".

Dr. Nadezhda Reshke - Foreign Lawyer in Bulgaria; Lawyer in the Federal Republic of Bulgaria / 03.08.2020
Written by Law firm "Dr. Reshke" / 03.08.2020

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