Kinstellar lawyer firm and bulgarian translation agecy artedocWe act as a trusted legal advisor to leading investors in developing Europe and Central Asia. We provide consistent, unified legal advice and assistance in different regional markets - along with know-how and experience to protect our clients' interests while minimizing their risk exposure.

We needed an express specialized translation from English into Bulgarian of 200 pages of legal documentation for a short period of time.

We used the services of Arte.Doc Translation Agency, as proven translation professionals, dealing with similar tasks / volumes in the agreed upon time frame while maintaining the confidentiality of the information provided.

Despite the current dynamic situation for world businesses, guaranteeing quality service has been of great importance to us, as it maintains our reputation as a leading law firm.

The established trust that Arte.Doc is next to us and with us is important for our fruitful cooperation, as well as for our development.

Diana Dimova / Kinstellar Law Firm - Sofia Branch January 28, 2021

Kinstellar lawyer firm testimonial for bulgarian translation agecy artedoc

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