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Almost everyone has used the services of a Notary Public - a transaction for the sale of movable or immovable property, issuance of a power of attorney and / or declaration, will, contract with or without material interest, certification of a document and more.

Everything sounds and looks easy and fast, which is largely the case if everyone involved speaks the same language. But when one of the parties is a foreigner who does not speak Bulgarian well enough or does not speak it at all, a difficulty arises.

There is wondering how to proceed, wandering, looking for additional information, interpreting attempts from an acquaintance / friend who knows a foreign language, attempts to "convince" the notary that the foreigner, party to the transaction, is familiar with all the details.
All this costs unnecessary time, nerves and often additional unnecessary costs. Notaries do not allow such circumventing of the rules, because they can incur a serious fine and bear criminal liability.

What is the interpreting service for a notary public?
In its essence, this type of interpreting is consecutive interpreting.
It is used during the conclusion of a transaction before a Notary Public, in the presence of an interpreter. The interpreter interprets bilaterally the communication between the parties to the transaction.

You can read more about consecutive interpreting in our blog here.

When a foreigner who does not speak Bulgarian wants to notarize a document, the Notary Public must appoint a certified interpreter.
He or she must make sure that both parties understand the meaning and consequences of the transaction, and if there are any doubts, they must be cleared up.

Two legal options for interpreting service for a notary public:
1. Option one – the transaction is performed before a notary public who is fluent in and has a certificate for the language spoken by the foreigner, party to the transaction.
  • Complication – finding a notary public of the above description is virtually impossible. If the language is English, it would be much easier, but it is a different language or you are in a smaller town, it would be a lost cause. Even if you find such a notary, it is unlikely that they will agree to take responsibility for the interpreting.

2. Option two – the transaction is performed before a regular notary public, in the presence of a certified interpreter.
  • Complication –the need for a certified interpreter on the spot at the notary’s office during the transaction, is relatively mandatory. It depends on the type of transaction itself.

Before the notary public, the parties identify themselves with valid identity documents - for Bulgarian citizens and citizens of EU member states an ID card is sufficient, for all other foreigners - a national passport

When do we need to hire an interpreter for a notary public appointment?
To a large extent the need for an interpreter and the degree of their participation is determined by the transaction to be made at the notary..

Another factor for the necessity of an interpreter is whether the foreigner knows Bulgarian. The law does not explicitly mention how the level of language proficiency is determined. Here the notary has the task to adequately assess whether and how well the foreigner understands the meaning of the transaction and the documents they are signing. In case the notary establishes a sufficiently high level of language proficiency, no interpreting is required.

EXAMPLE 1: If you are signing a contract for the purchase and sale of an apartment, you can reduce the time for interpreting on the spot by making a preliminary written translation by a sworn translator, so that the foreigner can get acquainted in detail with all the details of the contract in advance.

EXAMPLE 2: If you are certifying a power of attorney or other document / declaration expressing personal intent, then an interpreter will be needed throughout the transaction.

Preserving the confidentiality of the notarized transaction
The fact that the notarization was performed in the presence of an interpreter shall be noted by the notary in writing.

The translator countersigns all documents together with the participants. Thus they certify their interpretation and assume the responsibility of maintaining notarial confidentiality.

Sometimes the interpreter is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The interpreter maintains the confidentiality of the translated and interpreted information and has no right to share it after the transaction.

How we can help if you find yourself in need of interpreting services for a notary public?
  • We at Arte.doc Translation Agency offer interpreting services for a notary public. Our goal is to offer you the best translator for your needs.
  • Our interpreters are selected based on their language skills. We have interpreters throughout the country, with different language pairs.
  • Each specific case requires special attention and selection of the most appropriate interpreter, according to the client's needs.
  • Setting an estimate budget for you to consider before you book us.
  • We guarantee quality performance of the engagement, prompt reactions and professional attitude from our interpreters, therefore providing you with assurance and peace of mind.
Why should you choose our interpreting services?
  • Options to book an appointment with a notary public in Sofia and providing an interpreter at the set time;
  • Assistance with communication during the preparation and conclusion of the transaction;
  • Strict confidentiality guarantee from our interpreters and employees.
What sets us apart?
1. Interpreting team selection:
All our interpreters go through a staged approval process. Therefore, we guarantee that the services of our interpreters will be professional and of high quality.

2. Pricing policy:
We are also distinguished by the fact that we have a transparent price list on our website, which we always observe.

3. Confidentiality of the provided information:
We have a policy in place to ensure the confidentiality of the information you provide to us before and after the event. Our managers and linguists sign a privacy statement for each project.

If you need interpreting services, you can contact us for a free consultation at +359 894 427 109, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will assist you with your specific needs.

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