International Communication Manager
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Aleksandrina Karabasheva

Aleksandrina has been working with translations since 2011. She is a certified translator from English, Italian, and Swedish

She has studied English since preschool and was 14 years old when she successfully passed C1 level examination.
At 18, she graduated from the Italian Lyceum in Sofia with both a Bulgarian and Italian high school diplomas. She continued her studies doing a Bachelors programme in the Bologna University, Italy.
In 2015, she moved to Sweden, where while doing an English Masters programme she studied Swedish and passed successfully TISUS - Official Exam for Proficiency in the Swedish language.

For the past two years she has been combining her love of languages and her communication knowledge, taking the position of International Communication Manager and becoming a valuable member of our team.
In September 2021, Aleksandrina graduated in a specialized Digital Marketing Programme, that includes among others a course in Creative Marketing & Copywriting.

As International Communication Manager, Aleksandrina is responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with our foreign clients and partners, making sure all their translation needs are met. 

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Our social policy is focused on supporting events and initiatives which provide various types of assistance to persons or groups in a disadvantaged or difficult position, and on promoting the career orientation and growth of young people.
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