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An employment contract
is the most commonly used contract for individual employment relationship between employer and employee. A statement of earnings is evidence of earnings received under such a contract and is issued by the employer.

If you require translation of your employment contract or statement of earnings due to the current emergency, in this article we provide the necessary information.

What is a legitimate employment contract?

To be considered valid according to the Labour Code, an employment contract should contain information about the parties and should also set out:

1. The place of work;
2. The name of the position and nature of the job;
3. Date of conclusion and the start date of the employment;
4. Duration of the employment contract;
5. The amount of the basic and extended paid annual leave and additional paid annual leave;
6. The same notice period for both parties upon termination of the employment contract;
7. Basic and additional salary of permanent nature and frequency of payment;
8. Duration of the working day or week.

What are the frequent problems?

These are the problems you most often encounter when in need of translation / legalization of your employment contract or statement of earnings:
   •   Confusion due to the large amount of information on the Internet
   •   Uncertainty about the need to legalize the employment contract or statement of earnings;
   •   Wandering in an endless pool of proposals from translation agencies in the form of submitting inquiries, then waiting for a response, but not receiving information on the spot;
   •   Lack of information about the due state fees or what the path of the document is;
   •   Uncertainty over the required processing time for translation and legalization, and the prices.

How to choose whom to trust?

The criteria for choosing an agency to trust for this service are as follows:
   •   They can complete the entire service including certifications and state taxes.
   •   They have official exact, clear and transparent prices visible to you on their website.
   •   They can guarantee meeting the deadline when taking your order.
   •   The agency must be aware of changes in legislation and give you explanations and adequate response regarding your case.
   •   They should be certified under the translation standard BDS ISO 17100: 2015 for compliance with certain procedures in the course of performing the service.

If you need a Bulgarian document to be recognised by foreign authorities, it should be translated and also legalized.

What is the path of the documents in 4 steps?

For translation and legalization of an employment contract or a statement of earnings issued in Bulgaria, the steps are:

   •   Step 1: Original document with notarized signatures of the contracting parties or a notarized copy of the document.
   •   Step 2: The document is submitted in the Ministry of Justice for an Apostille. The processing time is 4 working days.
   •   Step 3: The document is translated into the desired language together with the Apostille.
   •   Step 4: The document is submitted for certification in the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The processing time may be express, fast and regular.

For translation and legalization of an employment contract or a statement of earnings issued abroad, the steps are:

   •   Step 1: The document must have an Apostille by the country which issued it.
   •   Step 2: An appointment is made at a Notary office, specifying the Notary’s requirements for the translator.
   •   Step 3: The contract is translated by a professional translator.
   •   Step 4: The translation is certified, by the translator affixing their signature onto the translation in the Notary office in person in the presence of a Notary Public.

How we can help

We at аrte.doc offer the full translation and legalization service of an employment contract or a statement of earnings.

1. We have a solution for all budgets - we offer different packages with different deadlines and price parameters;
2. Our packages include all state fees for affixing the Apostille and for legalization;
3. We will offer you the most suitable option for you
4. We guarantee our deadlines for performance
5. We provide our clients with the security and peace of mind of knowing the price and terms when placing their order.

What sets us apart?

We have built and implemented a system for workflow management and translation quality control according to translation quality standard EN 17100: 2015-05 (our last certification audit was in December 2019). 

We are compliant with the General Data Protection regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 - GDPR) and each of our translator must sign a confidentiality statement, which provides our customers with security regarding their data.

How do we ensure security during this emergency?

We are also set apart by the fact that we have a three-step online system SUBMISSION-PAYMENT-DELIVERY, which will save you a trip to our office for translation and legalization services:

Online submission of your order;
• Online payment;
• Delivery of the document online and by courier.

We at Arte.doc Translation Agency provide quality and fast legalization service. If you want our assistance for the translation and legalization of an employment contract or a statement of income from employment, call us for a free consultation on +359 893 457 698, or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use our online chat HERE.

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