These days many people are worried about attending events, going to public places, institutions and offices because of the risk of possible infection with COVID-19. To reduce risk, many companies allow people to work from home when possible. But, everyone has tasks and responsibilities that cannot be postponed, regardless of the situation.

Sometimes, these tasks involve translation and/or legalization of documents.

In such situations, given the concerns mentioned above, there is an increased risk of delays in translations, late submission of documents and missing deadlines, relevatn to your particula job. Many ministries, for example, have time frames for document legalization between 5 to 10 business days. Additional delay in receiving the translated documents actually increases the problem and automatically results in missing deadline for applying to universities, registering for civil marriage, participation in tenders, and penalties for not fullfilling contract requirements.

If you want to eliminate this risk, you should look for the option of all this to happen online.
The solution to this problem is to use a translation agency that offers the following 3 steps:

Step N.1:
Online order acceptance
It is important that the translation agency's website guides you through the translation path by giving you sufficient information, so that the order can be proccessed correctly.
As well as to give you the ability to calculate by yourself the amount you'll have to pay, so that you are not surprised at the final price.
When making an order online, it is very important that you submit the correct spelling of your name /company name/ in the language in which your documents are to be translated.

Step N.2:
Online order payment
When paying online for your order, it is important that the agency's website provides secure payment options - with card or bank transfer, and not solely with cash, as contact with money is also a way for the virus to spread.
It is also essential that you receive confirmation from an office manager that your order has been paid and is accepted. As well as that work on it will be started so as to meet the requested deadline.

Step N.3:
Online order delivery
Online delivery of the order can be easily done via email. It is however important that the company also provides you with the opportunity to use the service of courier companies by your choice, so that your documents can be delivered directly to you.

How we at arte.doc work for you:

In order for the above mentioned things to work 100%, we at Translation agency arte.doc have specialised and refined our workflow. This process is such as to provide the client with quality translations, while always meeting the deadline and keeping the confidentiality of the information provided. Our technological infrastructure allows you to make a secure payment for the translation service through our website - by card or bank transfer.

We are the only translation agency in Bulgaria that provides an entirely online process - from placing an order for translation and/or legalization, to payment, to final delivery of the finished translation.

To eliminate the risks of viruses, follow the above-mentioned steps for online ordering, payment and receiving of your translation order.
Contact us for assistance on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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