As of 00:00 on March 18, 2020, entry into the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria by people from 16 countries, considered risky because of the spread of COVID-19, is temporarily prohibited:

•  Italy
•  Spain
•  France
•  Germany
•  The Netherlands
•  Switzerland
•  Great Britain
•  Northern Ireland
•  Korea
•  China
•  Iran
•  Bangladesh
•  India
•  Maldives
•  Nepal
•  Sri Lanka

An exception will be made for citizens with permanent, long-term or continous residence on the territory of Bulgaria and their family members. This applies only to foreign nationals and can be seen in the order of Health Minister Kiril Ananiyev.

Unfortunately, the travel of Bulgarians around Europe will also be difficult as many airlines are suspending their flights. For example, Lufthansa group will cancel over 23'000 flights in the period from 29.03.2020 to 24.04.2020. Wizz Air and Ryan Air are also expected to cancel multiple flights.

The most worrying thing for the people is the uncertainty regarding how long these restrictions will last, as nobody can say at this moment how this situation will develop. For example, French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that the EU will close its external borders and all travel between non-European countries and the EU will be suspended for 30 days.

Most of the business in Bulgaria and around the world is being transformed into online business. When possible, people juggle taking care of their children, families and partents at home and distance working - a.k.a. home office.

They are trying to balance between focusing on the situation at hand and continuing planning for the future. Many of the population's consumer habits are beginning to change and are shifting towards using more online services in the future as well.

We at arte.doc help our clients with not postponing the important things for them and we are at their disposal to meet their translation and legalization needs.

No matter where around the globe you are in this moment, on our website via your laptop or mobile device, you can place your translation order online with the following 3 steps, without the unnecessary contact with other people:
•  Online order with one safe click;
•  Online payment without touching any money;
•  Receiving of the finished translation online or via courier. 

Our technological infrastructure allows our clients, via our online calculator, to make a secure payment for the translation service - by card or bank transfer.

To eliminate the risks of viruses, you can read our article on the correct method for placing online order, payment and delivery. And you can contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for up-to-date information.

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay home!

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