Discount for online order for translation from bulgarian translation agency arte.doc
Quality translations always meeting the deadline and the confidentiality requirements!

Do you need to translate important personal or company documents? Do you want to send and receive your documents in the most convenient way for you? Do you want quality translation without wasting time?

All this can happen even during the ongoing pandemic, because we work to ensure the safety of our customers.

In January, get 10% discount on all online orders for translation.
This saves you time and reduces the chances of high-risk contacts.

We have created a unique mobile version of our online calculator for translation and/or legalization, in order to satisfy the wishes of our customers to place their orders from mobile devices or tablets.

With our system of 3 safe steps for online orders you can:
     1.   Submit your document for translation and legalization online;
     2.   Calculate the price with the discount and make a secure payment;
     3.   Receive your documents in the most convenient way for you.
Order now - online translation and legalization With us you always receive:
     •   Free consultation;
     •   Professional translators;
     •   Guaranteed quality translation ;
     •   Adherence to the deadline;
     •   Security of the information provided.

Free consultation on at: +359 897 070 485 or in our online chat here.

What makes us different?

     •   We have created a unique 5-step system: "Guaranteed quality translation", thanks to our 20 years of experience;
     •   Our ERP system for order management ARTE-MANAGER, where each translation has its own unique number, to which the correct translator, terminology editor and the specific time limit for execution are assigned;
     •   All our translators go through a step-by-step approval process - by documents (diplomas, certificates, etc., certifying completed education and/or acquired professional qualification) and a practical test (checking their skills and experience through trial translations);
     •   Ensuring the security of the information provided by the client, by using our own servers, located outside the company's premises. All our translators and staff have signed privacy statements;
     •   We have developed an online ordering system that simplifies the process - submitting, paying and receiving the finished translation without having to come to our office.
     •   A neqly launched mobile version of our online calculator to make it easier for our customers to place orders safely, through their mobile phone, tablet and laptop.

You can order and pay online here.
Free consultation on tel .: +359 897 070 485 or on our online chat here.
Order now - online translation and legalization

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