The Charter calls as many representatives of the Bulgarian business as possible to share through real contribution the responsibility for reducing the adverse effects of the climate change, working for the enhancement of their energy efficiency, increasing their share of energy from renewable sources and using their research and development potential.

The specific steps, leading to the big step to a calmer and secure future, are described in the Charter which will be published in the special section the “Green Circle” on the web site of Journal “Manager”.

The participants in the forum called all the companies which are already members of the “Green Circle” initiative generated after the first eco-forum organized by Journal “Manager” and GLOBUL to support the Charter. Companies, which are not members of the initiative yet, may also join in.

By 5 August this year the document is open for opinions, recommendations and supplements, which each representative of nature-aware business in our country, as well as each Bulgarian, compassionate to the subject-matter for sustainable development may send to e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The final words of the organizers were: “We are sure that the commitments proposed in the document will provoke the formulation of new valuable ideas not only amongst the business but also amongst the civil society, as the subject-matter for ecology concerns a bigger and bigger part of the population”.

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