On 21 March Translation and Legalization Agency Arte.doc held a charity Easter bazaar. The motto of the event was “We Can Be Better Together“, and we granted the funds collected to our friends Simona, Vera and Pavlina. Vera and Simona are retired due to illness with impeded mobility, and their mother Pavlina has undertaken the overall care for them. 

These incredibly determined women manufacture and decorate various kinds of souvenirs, predominantly with the decoupage technique. Everyone who visited our Easter bazaar had the possibility to purchase some of their souvenirs. Some of them were sold out at a tender due to the numerous persons wishing to buy them.
The collected amount added up to over 400 BGN and the smile and the good mood were invaluable.
We thank everyone who was compassionate with our charity cause. We are sure that good deeds make us better!

Easter translation agency Arte.doc 1m    Easter Arte.doc 2m    Easter Artedoc 3m

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Our social policy is focused on supporting events and initiatives which provide various types of assistance to persons or groups in a disadvantaged or difficult position, and on promoting the career orientation and growth of young people.
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