On the 1st of March, in Bulgaria, we celebrate the coming of the spring. On this occasion we give one another a Martenitsa (interwoven red and white thread) to wear on our wrists or our clothes, for good health. It is a symbol of the coming spring, that brings joy to everyone who wears it.

This year, we from translation and legalization agency arte.doc are joining the charity campaign "Martenitsi with a cause", organized by the Bulgarian Folklore Dance Club "Enyovche".
The martenitsas are inspired by Bulgarian folklore and are made of wood and wool thread. They can be purchased at any of our offices in Sofia, for the price of BGN 3.

All the money raised will go towards the purchase of a therapeutic chair and a verticalizer, at the cost of BGN 3 203, for the home for Medical and social care for children in the city of Varna.

We would love it if more people would join the campaign by purchasing a martenisa or simply sharing the initiative with family and friends. You can like, support or share the campaing on the Facebook page of Bulgarian Folklore Dance Club "Enyovche" here.

"It is not important to do something grand in order to be able to help, or to make someone happy." Encho Boev

Charity campaign for the 1st of march

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