SYNCRO TRANSLATIONS and Arte.Doc Bulgarian translation agencyWith this reference, we certify that our company SYNCRO TRANSLATION SERVICES SRL has used the services of the Arte.doc Agency to translate and edit documents from English into Bulgarian, Italian into Bulgarian, Romanian into Bulgarian and vice versa with different topics and areas of application.

When providing these services, the Agency's translators, editors, and proof-readers demonstrate exceptionally good linguistic training, both in their respective source language and in their linguistic culture.

In addition, they demonstrate the ability to work under pressure, while strictly adhering to the set deadlines, even when processing high-volume materials. While working on the assignments, the Agency's team shows a high degree of organization, efficiency, integrity, and responsibility.

Our long-standing successful cooperation with Arte.doc gives us reason to recommend them as a highly qualified and reliable business partner.


SYNCRO TRANSLATION - recommendation letter for Bulgarian translation agency arte.doc. Препоръка за агенция за преводи Арте.Док

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