DTP processing of a pdf document
(basic rate)
7.20 BGN/visible page
DTP processing of documents in the following formats:
(basic rate)
9.60 BGN/visible page
Corel draw .cdr
Adobe Indesing .indd
Autocad .dwg
Adobe illustrator .ill
Adobe photoshop .psd/.pdd
Adobe page maker .pmd
Front page adobe dreamweaver .html

6.00 BGN/page
Typing in English
9.60 BGN/page
Typing in another language
(by agreement)
Printout of client materials
0.60 BGN/page
Additional printout of translation
                                                                up to 5 (five) pages
                                                                over 5 (five) pages

3.60 BGN
0.60 BGN/page
Copy on our CD (of a translation done by the company)
3.60 BGN/peace
Filling out a form (by hand)
18.00 BGN/page
Filling out an electronic form
18.00 BGN/page
When processing a handwritten text, plus 20% of the respective service price.


- All prices are in BGN and include VAT
- We offer processing with less popular software, according to the client’s requirements.
- Turnover times depend on the complexity and /or by agreement with the client.
- Express services are available if the employee in the respective office is able to process them.